Chesapeake Gunslingers was established in 2018 with the customer in mind.  Being avid hunters, sport shooters, and 2A activists, we wanted to provide a service that was welcoming not only to experienced firearm owners but to the new ones as well.  For some, purchasing your first firearm can be intimidating.   We take pride in the time we spend with each of our clients whether its on the range or in the shop educating them on safety and function of their firearm.  Our goal is to be thorough in explaining the process to ensure our customers are armed with the knowledge to use their firearm safely and effectively. 

Our mission was to NOT be another gun shop, but to build a community of like minded people.  


Chesapeake Gunslingers proudly supports MSI, a leading 2nd Amendment attorney group fighting against restrictive gun laws in Maryland. Join us in defending our right to bear arms.