Licenses and Permits

Chesapeake Gunslingers is affiliated with the top trainers in the area. Our trainers take pride in teaching shooters on safety and sportsmanship. Our affiliate instructors provide firearms training for the Handgun Qualification License (HQL) and the Maryland Handgun Permit (otherwise known as Wear & Carry). 

*Training Afiliates are not employed or active members of Chesapeake Gunslingers LLC. Chesapeake Gunslingers LLC is not liable for injury, damaged property, or any issues associated with trainings.

About Our Training

The training you receive is a mix of hands-on classroom instruction with proper range time. Not only is our instructor an MSP Qualified Handgun Instructor and an NRA Certified Pistol Instructor but has been teaching college-level courses for nearly a decade. Having an instructor knowledgeable on firearm safety and proper teaching techniques can allow even the newest of shooters to feel comfortable in a new environment. We do not promote scare tactics; we simply teach you what you need to know to be proficient in the proper safety, handling, and operation of a firearm. 

Group Training

We schedule firearms training by using the buddy system. If you have friends you would like to take the training with, we will work together to find a date that works for all. Send us a message with which training you would like to take, how many confirmed people in your group, and at least three weekends that will work for your group. 

Training Details

Handgun Qualification License

  • 4-hour training. Requires shooting a minimum of 1 round.
  • $60 (fingerprints not included)

The HQL will allow you to purchase, rent, and transfer a regulated firearm in the State of Maryland.

Maryland Handgun Permit (Wear & Carry)

  • 2 day, 16-hour course.
  • MSP shooting qualification will require you to shoot 25 rounds. $300 (fingerprints not included)

The most common reasons for approval of the Maryland Handgun Permit include being self-employed/business owner making deposits, licensed real estate agent, employer sponsored for security reasons, documented threats against you, security team for a house of worship, active top-secret clearance with DOD, and occupational risk. 

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