Beretta A400 Xtreme Plus 12-26 Mobl


Introducing the A400 Xtreme Plus 12/26 MOBL, the perfect shotgun for all your hunting needs. Designed with the latest technology, this shotgun delivers unbeatable performance and precision every time you pull the trigger. The Kick-off Mega | MOBL Camo absorbs recoil and guarantees comfort. The 12 Gauge Caliber and 26″ Barrel provide power and accuracy, while the Fiber Optic w/Steel Mid-Bead Sights allow you to aim with ease. The Mossy Oak Bottomland finish and Camo Stock Mossy Oak Bottomland provide superior camouflage, ensuring that you blend into your surroundings for maximum stealth. With a capacity of 2 + 1, the A400 Xtreme Plus 12/26 MOBL is the ultimate weapon for any hunting enthusiast. Order yours today and elevate your hunting experience.

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